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Reality TV: The Soulmate Machine?

For those still tuned in after 10 seasons, 7 total judges, and countless sob stories, American Idol ended this week after crowning teenage country crooner Scotty McCreery as its newest addition to the confetti-covered winning lineup.

On top of its usual fanfare of tears, hugs, and a cheesy coronation song (this year’s crowning number was “I Love You This Big,” presumably because they’ve run out of song titles that involve dreams and mountains), this year’s finale brought on water cooler gossip for one more reason – the big ol’ kiss that runner-up Lauren Alaina planted on Scotty’s mouth after he won, right before he said that they had been together since Day 1 and were going to “stay together” after the show. Continue reading

Who runs the world? Not girls.

This week, pop superstar Beyonce launched the music video for her newest single: Run The World (Girls).

The song itself practically screams Female Empowerment Anthem with its repeating chorus of “Who runs the world? Girls!

Empowering? Absolutely! Fun song to add to your workout playlist? Definitely!

But the message isn’t exactly accurate – and this poses a problem.

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Sex and the married neurotic

There are few things in this world that I truly loathe. One of those things is the show Everybody Loves Raymond.

Why, you might ask?

First of all, it’s actually quite hard to really ‘love’ Raymond. From what I’ve seen of the show (which is admittedly not much), he seems to care about three things: golf, trying (in vain) to have sex with his wife, and placating his intrusive family.

But there’s another problem – Debra isn’t innocent either.
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Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to the inaugural post for my blog, PsySociety!

Who am I?

As a quick intro, I am Melanie Tannenbaum, psychology graduate student and amateur science blogger. During Spring 2011 I blogged at IonPsych, a collaborative blog started by Daniel Simons for a graduate course on general-audience writing. Since then, I have decided to branch out and start my own site (though I am still happily affiliated with IonPsych).

If you would like to know more about me, feel free to read the blurb on the About Me page, or visit my personal website.

Why PsySociety?

The logic behind the PsySociety name is twofold.

First, I enjoy connecting the research I read in journal articles to the world around me. I am an avid Daily-Show-and-Colbert-Report watcher, celebrity gossip maven, and history nerd with an unhealthy love for horrible television and an overactive anger response to many (ok, most) political issues. Naturally, this leads me to draw a lot of connections between the area I conduct research in for a living – social/personality psychology – and the world of pop culture and current events. The name PsySociety combines this focus on psychology with its applications to everyday society, much like the entries on this blog.

Secondly, it’s a play on the phrase “High Society,” which I think is cute. Hey, I didn’t say that both reasons were great.