What Would You Like To See From PsySociety?

Hi everyone,

In the past 6 months that I’ve been blogging for PsySociety, my posts have seemed to fall into two different categories:

A. Research –> Pop Culture, where I start with a psychological research topic (or specific article) and then use pop culture/current events to illustrate the research. Examples: Sex and the Married Neurotic, With Pets Like These, Who Needs People?

B. Pop Culture –> Research, where I start with a pop culture phenomenon, current events topic, or news event, and then use psychological research to explain it. Examples: Casey’s Case: What Psychology Says about Anthony’s Acquittal, New York and Same-Sex Marriage.

I enjoy writing both types of posts, but I’d also like to make sure that my blog is doing the best job that it can of reaching out and writing about psychology in an interesting, accessible way (which is, really, my ultimate goal in this whole thing). So my question to you all is simple: Which type would you like to see more on PsySociety? Do you like them both equally? Is there another format you would rather see more often (weekly links, more short-form posts, more guest posts, etc.)? Please let me know in the poll below, on Twitter, or here in the comments! I’m open to any and all feedback.


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