A Very PsySociety Gift Guide

The holidays are almost upon us (and sneaking up even sooner for me and my family — we’re Jewish, and Hanukkah’s in just one week!) If you’re at all like me, you have left most of your shopping to the last minute and are looking for some good, quick suggestions. Well, never fear, PsySociety readers! Here I am with a little gift guide, crafted especially with your favorite science writers, science photographers, and plain ol’ scientists in mind. Or, if your shopping is all done for the season, why not celebrate by treating yourself to a nice sci-themed gift?

[NOTE: Each image has a click-through link to the webpage where you can purchase the featured item. Many of the websites note that the deadline for Christmas delivery is December 16th, hence the rushed post tonight, so if you like anything you see here…get on it!]

Writing Necklace, $14.50 on Etsy

Who among us hasn’t benefited from a little #MadWriting when that proposal, manuscript, or blog post is long overdue? Commemorate your friend or colleague’s frantic writing style with this necklace, featuring a Lord Byron quote.


Bella Leather Portfolio, $55 at See Jane Work

For anyone who loves writing, this portfolio makes a great place to store random thoughts, quickly-scribbled story pitches, blogpost ideas, and other musings. Also, any writer will look super classy carrying this around…as opposed to that legal pad with the wrinkled front page (not like I’m speaking from experience, here).



Camera iPhone Case, $35 at Illustrated By Jenny

Many science bloggers these days also happen to be science photographers. Why not get that photog you know and love a hand-illustrated camera iPhone case? I should also mention that one of my closest friends (for over a decade now!) just happens to be the Jenny in “Illustrated by Jenny.” Her drawings are amazing, and she has a number of other camera-themed designs available at her online store…which you can access here!


Lens Shotglass set, $18 for 3 at Photojojo

Speaking of gifts for photographers…oh, COME ON. Shotglasses that look like camera lenses? You know that you or someone you know wants these. These are just plain awesome. There’s really nothing else to say about them other than that.


Science Decal, $12 on Etsy

Anyone who does science for a living usually wants to share his/her love for all things scientific with the world. This decal would make a great stocking-stuffer gift for any scientist. It could go on a computer, iPad, car window…pretty much anywhere. And leave it to a scientist to get creative with its placement.



Caffeine Molecule Necklace, $90 at Made With Molecules

Finally, I’m just going to come out and say it: Molecule jewelry is awesome. I left this for last, because it’s probably my favorite thing ever. For the purpose of this post I’m going to go ahead and suggest the caffeine necklace, since I think that’s the molecular love that most scientists will have in common, but you can buy a necklace (or earrings!) displaying the molecular structure of anything from oxytocin to capsaicin. Click on the picture to link through to the store and see all the molecules they have to offer.

Happy Holidays, PsySociety Readers!


2 responses to “A Very PsySociety Gift Guide

  1. I sort of love the “Science!” decal… I might just have to buy myself a small geeky gift this year.

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