Best Of PsySociety: 2011’s Most Popular Posts

Although I began my science blogging experience at IonPsych back in January (for a course on science writing for a general audience taught by Dan Simons), I didn’t start blogging at PsySociety until May. As a result, I don’t even have an entire year’s worth of posts on this blog! However, in the spirit of the year’s end, I thought I would list the 10 most popular posts from 2011 anyway (as determined by total pageviews).

I had a few guest posts on other blogs (like the SciAm guest blog and The Thoughtful Animal), for which I don’t know the pageview stats, and I’m not counting any of my 8 posts from IonPsych on this list (2 have been re-posted here, and the rest will be re-posted eventually). That all being said, here are the 10 “most viewed” posts from 2011, in descending order.

10. New York and Same-Sex Marriage: When Politics, Personalities, and Persuasion Tricks Collide.
9. Sex, Lies, and Power = Lies about Power and Sex.
8. Envying Evolution: What Can The X-Men Teach Us About Stereotypes?
7. If I Were A Well-Off White Man… I Might Not Understand Other People Very Well.
6. Weiner’s Wiener? Too Perfect To Be A Coincidence.
5. Beautiful People, Beautiful Products.
4. Who Runs The World? Not Girls.
3. Casey’s Case: What Psychology Says About Anthony’s Acquittal.
2. Why Jersey Shore Won’t Make You Dumber: The Importance of Responsible Science Journalism

And finally, the most popular post on PsySociety in 2011…

1. Sex and the Married Neurotic (which made it into Open Lab 2012!)

Thank you all for reading PsySociety and for supporting my blog during its first year of existence!

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