Monthly Archives: April 2013

Come see PsySociety at its new home!

As many of you have likely realized by now…we’ve moved!

PsySociety has officially transitioned over to the new Scientific American MIND blog network. Launched just last month, the MIND network now features all of the brain- and psych-related blogs from the original Scientific American network, plus six brand new blogs — Scott Barry Kaufman at Beautiful Minds, Julie Hecht at Dog Spies, Stephen Macknik and Susana Martinez-Conde at Illusion Chasers, Adam Waytz and Jamil Zaki at The Moral Universe, Felicity Muth at Not Bad Science, and yours truly at the new PsySociety!

I hope you will update your RSS feeds and bookmarks so you can follow PsySociety at its new digs. In the meantime, I intend to use this site as a repository for links to posts at the new site (and anywhere else where my writing might appear), so people who would like to use the e-mail signup function on this page can still continue to do so!

Again, I do hope that you will continue to read, comment on, and enjoy PsySociety over at the new Scientific American MIND network:

See you there!