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Ingroups, Identities, and In-Memoriams: Why We Must Remember Never To Forget

In honor of the 10th anniversary of September 11th, I am re-publishing an edited/slightly altered version of a post from the archives on the importance of commemoration and collective memory for tragedies. The original post was published at IonPsych on May 2nd, the day after Osama Bin Laden’s death. It can be found here.

It has been ten years since September 11th, 2001. When we remember the events of that day, we often tend to focus on how well we remember all of the seemingly-minor details (despite evidence that these memories may not be quite so accurate). What we were wearing. What we ate for breakfast. Where we were sitting while we watched the news coverage.

Our practically-obsessive focus on these memories actually indicates much more than we realize. Despite mankind’s ever-present focus on the wide variety of intercultural differences, it turns out there’s at least one way in which we’re all not so different after all. We all place a tremendous importance on our memories. More specifically, we place a tremendous importance on commemoration.

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Quals Humor: Yup, It Exists.

In the spirit of the reason behind my recent blogging absence, I figured I’d at least look for some humor in my current state of suffering. And where better to look than the ever-accurate PhD Comics?

First, how it all began, about 2 months ago…

My general response to attempted social interaction right now… [even though the comic itself is about a post-quals response]

How the whole Quals process kind of feels sometimes… [except that ours take 9 hours]

Aaaaand, how I have a more-than-slight concern I might end up feeling as of 6 PM on September 10th…

Thanks to PhD Comics and Jorge Cham for the Quals humor!